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The night I was attacked by a poltergeist.

It had been an extremely hot day, I had left the bedroom windows open to air the room. At about 1.30am I entered our bedroom to close the curtains and pull back the bed covers ready for bed. I didn't turn the light on at that moment. As I closed the door, I felt something slapping my head and blowing on my face, plus a loud flapping noise and scratching. I dived to the ground.
I do not believe in ghosts, but as I was laying on the floor, in the dark between my wife's dressing table and the bed I was certainly questioning that belief. All the time I could hear scratching and rustling noises, my heart was pounding out of my chest. It was beating so hard my face was tingling. I was sweating, the pulse in my head was throbbing, I couldn't breath, I was frozen to the spot, I have never felt so scared in all my life.
I was contemplating all my beliefs about there not being life after death and if this entity could hurt me.
I eventually plucked up the courage to run and turn the light on (despite having a bad back) I lept at the light switch, illuminated the room, heart attack imminent, only to discover a pair of pigeons roosting on top of our wardrobe, guano and feathers everywhere!
By now its 2am. I go down stairs to inform my wife (who has her nose in a Terry Pratchet book) that I have had the fright of my life and that there are two pigeons in our bedroom and bird shit everywhere. To which she replies "Well get them out then" and then carries on reading about Granny Ogg or somebody.
So! I hatched a cunning plan, I burst into the room screaming and shouting hoping to scare the fuckers out...
Plan B...Its now 3.15am. My cunning plan didn't work, so I get my fishing landing net from the garden shed to catch them with, much guano and feathers later... That didn't work either. All I want to do is go to bed. Its now 4am. I never knew two pigeons could produce so much shit! My wife meanwhile is still engrossed in Terry Pratchet, she obviously ignored the mayhem going on upstairs.
Plan C... FOOD! Feed them...I have some wild bird seed and peanuts downstairs, so I proceed to try to tempt them with tasty morsels...Although it had occurred to me that they are hardly likely to trust me as I had been screaming at them, then trying to catch them in a net.
Plan D... now its 5am. Then it hit me! My wife has a dressing up box for the children which contains an Indian saree, in the garden we have some 6ft bamboo canes.. So, I got myself prepared. (A-Team type music) I draped the saree material over the bamboo cane and proceeded in an orderly fashion to coerce the blighters out of my bedroom. One hour later I eventually succeeded.
Now pigeonless, we have a feather, shit and bird seed strewn bedroom to clean. It was about 7.30am before we could finally retire to bed.

Book commission

Collin R Skocik commissioned me to design his latest science fiction book cover. The text was added by Collin.
His book can be purchased from here…

 photo JA1CollinRSkocik_zpseafbb62c.jpg





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3D Art Direct Magazine Interview.

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 16, 2014, 12:36 AM
I was asked recently by 3D Art Direct Magazine if I would be willing to be interviewed, as they would like to feature some of my works. Of course I said yes.  I am very pleased with the result, the magazine looks great. This cheered me up a lot, as for the last four weeks I have had very bad back pain, it's been getting me down a bit. I would like to appologise to my friends, because of my back, I have not been able to get on to DA that much recently.
 photo Screen-Shot-2014-08-07-at-214357.jpg
My work as also been featured here… by Adriana de Barros


GrahamSym's Profile Picture
Graham Symmons
Artist | Digital Art
United Kingdom
Residence. East London. England. UK
Married, three grown up children (youngest 20), one dog, one cat and various fish.
Retired Museum/Art Gallery Technician

I have been creating digital art since the early 1990's using Truespace, Terragen, Blender and PhotoshopCS.
I discovered Mandelbulb3D Fractals created by Jesse about 3 years ago and have become addicted!
Thank you Jesse very much for your generousity! Free download at Fractal Forums… fractalforums.

I am open to commissions and would like to earn a few points! :D
I have hundreds of original works that I have never published.

I am passionate about music. I like everything from Albinoni to Zappa...
(Too many bands to mention) Although Hawkwind, Gong, The Deviants, The Pink Fairies and Can are close to my heart.

My HypKnowsis video. Fractal art pictures, manipulated in Photoshop.
Recompiled, overdubbed with my music soundtrack.

When I'm not making computer art I create music. My
"Dr.G's Experimental Emporium"


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If you like my art and wish to donate points I would be very grateful.
I will use donated points to contribute to premium membership of my friends Mark :iconkram666: and Gary :iconskyzyk: who have both sadly passed away.
Many many thanks.

7 months premium so far given to Mark and 9 months premium given to Gary.

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Turn on Tune in...

Turn On Tune In ... by GrahamSym
Mark I miss you man and Jan is still crying...Thank you so much for touching our lives and we will never forget you :weed:
Distant Horizons by GrahamSym

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Swimming pool? First door on the right. by GrahamSym
My first Daily Deviation awarded 11th January 2012.
Silly Cybin Shrooms by GrahamSym
WOW! My second DD awarded 17th July 2012!
My Mandelbulbs Have Flowered by GrahamSym
My 3rd Daily Deviation awarded on the 7th April 2013

My 4th Daily Deviation awarded 19th November 2013
Core by GrahamSym

Many thanks to all who faved and commented.
I truly appreciate it!


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